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Reality Capture

470 Atlantic BIM Model

5 min read

The Future of BIM and Smart Cities

Since 1997, Existing Conditions has measured and documented an estimated 500 million square feet of space for architects, engineers, building owners,...

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Exterior Scan Data of 101 Federal Street

5 min read

Case Study: 101 Federal Street

Owning a building means you're responsible for something that's both an asset and a liability. On one hand, you are the steward for a huge amount of...

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BC Alumni Stadium 50 Yard Line

3 min read

Case Study: Boston College

Boston College is a 153-year-old private Jesuit research institution in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts. It is the city of Boston's first institution of...

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bim technology

1 min read

How Real Estate Investors Reduce Risk and Add Value with BIM Technology

As a real estate investor, you could be involved in the purchase, ownership, maintenance, and rental/sale of a property all in the same day. The...

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bim cost per square foot

1 min read

BIM Cost Per Square Foot: Helping Asset Managers Succeed

As a real estate asset manager, an accurate and up-to-date portfolio is vital to your success. It’s your responsibility to oversee the financial...

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precision 3d laser scanning

2 min read

What is the Precision of 3D Laser Scanning With Existing Conditions?

Building information modeling (BIM) and laser scanning has several uses in a variety of industries, including architecture, engineering,...

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real estate risk management

1 min read

Real Estate Risk Management & 3D Laser Scanning

Working in real estate development can lead to a lucrative career. But with major financial investments comes a significant amount of risk. Luckily,...

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