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3D Revit model, aerial drone imagery, and 2D CAD drawings of the Worcester Memorial Auditorium.

7 min read

Case Study: Worcester Memorial Auditorium

This case study delves into the ongoing and remarkable transformation of Worcester Memorial Auditorium (locally known as the Aud), an architectural treasure steeped in history. Explore the collaborative endeavors between Existing Conditions and DBVW...

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Kurt Yeghian and Wylde LaTulippe

5 min read

From Challenges to Achievements: My Internship at Existing Conditions

Learn about my marketing internship experience at Existing Conditions. Delve into the role and responsibilities I was entrusted with, the challenges...

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Laser scan data with building information model overlay

7 min read

Case Study: Rough Point Museum

This case study explores the restoration of the Rough Point Museum in Newport, Rhode Island. Embark on a journey of preservation and innovation as ...

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Point cloud data

6 min read

How to Choose a Laser Scanning Company

When it comes to getting as built drawings of a building, nothing is more important than the quality of the data. And in order to gather accurate data

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3 min read

Protecting Your Most Valuable Real Estate Assets

The old ways are not good enough anymore. I recently spoke with a colleague regarding how the industry has changed. The old, inaccurate ways of doing...

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The Existing Conditions team with our state-of-the-art equipment

10 min read

The Power of Accurate Data: Unlocking Success with Existing Conditions

In the dynamic world of the building industry, finding a reliable partner who understands your unique needs and delivers real results is easier said...

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Laser Scan Data with Building Information Model Overlay

6 min read

Case Study: The Colony Hotel

This case study explores the remarkable restoration of the iconic Colony Hotel in Palm Beach, Florida. Discover how Existing Conditions partnered...

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