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The Complete Process: Soup to Nuts

The Complete Process: Soup to Nuts

Existing Conditions delivers high-quality documentation more accurately, efficiently, and cost-effectively than anyone else. Our team has measured and documented an estimated 400 million square feet of space for architects, engineers, building owners, and real estate professionals. We have served clients and projects across the entire United States and have a proven track record of success. 

We are experts in accessing buildings safely, timely, and unobtrusively. We provide professionals with situational awareness and empower them with the confidence to make intelligent decisions, based on accurate data. But even though we have been in business for over 25 years, new clients still have questions around our process. Hopefully, this blog will shed some light on how we’ve become the industry leader providing 3D laser scanning and BIM modelling.


Reasons to Choose Digital Documentation for Your Building 

There are significant advantages to having a digital twin of your building, including:

  • Incomparable precision and accuracy of the drawings
  • Improved efficiency
  • A better understanding of the proposed design
  • Fewer site visits
  • Significant cost savings throughout the course of a project
  • Enhancing customers’ business models
  • Avoiding logistical issues, rework, and costly mistakes
  • Universal accessibility of the data
  • Added security and peace of mind
  • Can be used for performing studies and diagnostics
  • Analysis and simulation capabilities
  • Increased asset value
  • Allows for more precise control over costs and schedules
  • Sustainability benefits including increased energy efficiency and fewer wasted resources and materials
  • Increasing governmental adoption

Our Sales Process

We are client-focused, not company-focused. We know and understand that our clients aren’t just looking for great service and prices—they want an excellent, all-round experience and a lasting customer relationship. We listen to the needs of our clients and carefully examine the best approach for their projects. We are flexible, and always put the customer’s concerns at the forefront of what we’re doing. Lasting customer relationships are our business model, and have been the cornerstone to our lasting success.

We listen to your concerns and advise you on the best course of action. It is common for clients to naturally choose a specific solution they've heard about or seen, but not all projects require the same solution. Leverage our experience, expertise and equipment, to come up with a plan that will get you what you need, nothing more. Existing Conditions strives to build long-term relationships with clients, thereby saving them time and money.

We’ll save you time. We’ve become the best in the industry by focusing on what works for our clients. Here at Existing Conditions we value our client’s time. With us on board, we’ll be an extension of your team. We’ll complete your laser scanning or building information modelling (BIM) project at a fair cost. 

The Project

There are three parts to our project process. First there is the field data collection, creating the drawings, and then delivery. 

IMG_3621 (1)

3D Laser Scanning

We capture and create a digital map of a physical structure using construction-grade 3D laser scanning. Our small and lightweight laser scanning equipment gathers real-time measurements and information from a site in minutes.



We process the field data and then import it into a drafting program like Revit or AutoCAD We have incredibly accurate, rich data from the point cloud to work with and that enables us to deliver a drawing or models of superior quality and accuracy, that the client will use for years to come.

Client meeting


With each project, we provide a Delivery Schedule breakdown that details the milestones that track the successful delivery of your project. This typically includes mobilization, field work, data processing, production of deliverables, and ongoing post-delivery project support. When the project is completed we meet with the client to walk through all deliverables. After that, we provide ongoing customer support so each project provides value for decades to come.

Everything we do and show our clients, whether it’s drawings or scanned data, they can access from their homes on their phones or tablets. This provides the client with needed  flexibility. The ability for everyone to have the same data, the same situational awareness, is invaluable. The days of people in a conference room pouring over paper drawings are over. Everybody can share the electronic data, have the same situational awareness, and read from the same sheet.

Our clients their data. One key thing that distinguishes us from other companies or competitors is that our clients own their data entirely. 

Trust the Experts

Existing Conditions, Inc. works with the best architects, developers, and building owners in the country; scanning commercial real estate, industrial facilities, historic buildings, stadiums, hospitals, universities, municipalities, and more. Our team of in-house professionals works with each client to accurately understand their needs and create custom deliverables, ranging from point clouds to 2D drawings and 3D models. We can work within a client-provided template and seamlessly fit into client workflow using a full spectrum of laser scanning equipment from companies including Leica Geosystems and NavVis. 

Our team is a collaborator on your project and will work with you throughout the lifespan. Existing Conditions won’t just deliver drawings and disappear; our team will work with you to ensure you have what you need and know how best to use it, whether one week from delivery or two years down the road.

You need complete documentation of your building to provide peace of mind. The benefits of our deliverables over other paper guesstimates are nothing short of impressive. The information captured by a 3D laser scanner, drone, or VLX is richer and more accurate than any other method.

Trust the experts at Existing Conditions.

Let us be your eyes in the field so you can devote your time to what you do best.  

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